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Community Health Centers Under Pressure To Improve Care

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The 1,200 are under pressure to conform to different regulations. On one side this would improve the quality of care for patients since better immunization and preventative care have life-sparing benefits to patients in the long-run. On the other hand, would more obstacles to jump over and more regulating conditions to meet also put a strain on these centers to meet these obligations and possibly decrease access to care?

Sleep Deprived

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A certain report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Interview Survey lists Computer Programmer as the eighth-most-sleep-deprived occupation. Computer Programmer is actually the 7th most When I was working as an in-house Computer Programer full-time, I’d often come to work sleep deprived. There was a time when I had to tackle a very frustrating buffering algorithm for 3 or 4 months (maybe longer) and sometimes I’d nod off at my desk after beating my brains to figure out how to get the program to work.

My co-workers, who were medical off-staff completely with no such responsibilities, would wonder why I’d come to work so tired. Part of it was because in the evenings I was working on school-related things for 4-5 hours. The other part was because Programming is a very demanding profession! It takes quite a bit out of you! At times I could spend 2-3 hours programming something and 2-3 days trying to debug that program and figure out what went wrong.

However, the rewards I got from my experiences in programming were absolutely phenomenal. I learned how to problem-solve better than ever after learning Object Oriented Programming. I think the years of programming experience sharpened my reasoning skills. It really shows with trouble-shooting. During my internship I would solve complex problems related to IT and fix things that were way beyond my experience. I even did Networking. I previously had no experience with Networking beyond home-networking-related setup and troubleshooting before the internship. I actually had to reset servers, set up network-based antiviral systems, and debug really complicated network issues related to workstations and practice management sofware. People would comment on how IT-related problems that seemed brain-racking to them were a piece of cake for me after all those years of trouble-shooting and tackling difficult problems. My mother would joke “all you have to do is come over to my computer and it will start working again.

If only I could have gotten more sleep, I think that would have helped the debugging process quite a bit. lol


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Today is 4-20-2012. When I was in high school (centuries ago) a certain colloquial, notorious holiday fell upon this date every year among my teenage peers. Students would skip class to indulge in drug use, actually. I won’t forget a gentleman namd Terrence I met one day in Tampa during my undergrad days, years later, who approached me asking for some cash. I had no cash, but I had the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ. So, we had a conversation. After a while he told me that he was addicted to a certain drug. He said he would spend all of his money on it and it robbed him of every cent he had. He went on to exclaim how he tried and tried not to turn to drugs but the pull of addiction on his heart was so very strong. He would go days and weeks and then fall into it again. One day a Christian witnessed to him and felt like he should give Terrence money. They went to an ATM and he drained it of every cent he had and gave it to Terrence. It was unwise, because Terrence took it to buy drugs. That day instead of giving him some transient, momentary monetary compensation I gave him the much more valuable Gospel message. I told him that through God’s saving power on his heart by faith in Jesus he can also be free from his drug addiction.

He asked me for a ride and at that point I was comfortable enough with him to give one. He wanted to go to the Salvation Army to spend the night. Along the way we talked. We parked, and I then showed him in the Bible exactly where it says that drug-use is a sin. He said “Really?! Wow!” It wasn’t as if he didn’t know it was wrong, it was that for the first time he was experiencing conviction of sin — the knowledge that God is going to hold him accountable for his drug use. It was so heavy on his mind. As he thought about his drug addiction, and the scripture we read, he was brought to such great tears. They were streaming down his face and he started sobbing like a child. He was so, so moved by the weight of his sins that he cried real Crocodile tears. It was clear it was not acting. He was truly convicted by his sin. I comforted him and hugged him that day, and dropped him off.

I have no idea where Terrence is today, but the most valuable thing that I could give him was a knowledge of the realities of the atrociousness of his sin in the sight of a God who will judge him, and the truthfulness of a Savior who is so merciful to shed His own blood to spare him from that judgement. I hope he found an affection in his heart that was greater than his addiction — faith in Christ.


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How do I handle stress?

I pray.

How do I handle HIGH stress?

I pray hard.

I’m glad God can handle my problems better than me alone.

God doesn’t give us a crutch to get through life. He gives a cross to bear. And boy is there power in the cross.


We Need Discipline

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“When play… consumes a larger proportion of leisure time, money, conversation, and interest than is warranted by its cultural and recreative returns, then the play becomes the mark of a decadent age and the badge of softness rather than strength. … There was a time when intercollegiate debating drew big crowds.  Now the debates are held in side rooms, while the crowd cheers at the basketball game… the shift of excited popular interest from debates to basketball is a sign of cultural decline. … Apart from divine intervention, the nation which produces the most scientists and educators will dominate the world, not the nation that produces the best sportsmen.” Richard S. Taylor, The Disciplined Life