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Dr. John MacArthur on the False Theology that causes Medical Neglect

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I’m learning and growing intellectually in the area of biomedical ethics. Here is one particular issue that I’ve heard about recently that is in my thoughts. I hope that studying and analyzing cases such as these will help me to connect with and relate to patients and be able to provide them with wise counsel and guidance.

Please watch the video and read John MacArthur’s response.

Dr. John MacArthur said it best in his responses to Nancy Grace regarding this issue.

Dr. MacArthur:
“I would agree with you, Nancy, 100%. When your style of parenting results in the unnecessary death of your children — that is criminal behavior in every sense. You know if you go back to the Old Testament God condemned the Canaanite civilization because they offered their babies on an alter and incinerated them to pacify their God. That was paganism at its worst. Now we have people who have some kind of religion that they call “Christianity” that ends up with their children being dead? First of all that’s criminal behavior and secondly it has nothing to do with Christianity. Nothing whatsoever. The Bible never tells parents to do anything but to care for their children, to raise them in the nuture and admonition of the Lord. Jesus picked up little children and blessed them and said “Of such is the Kingdom of God. Parenting is about protection. Parenting is about preservation. It’s not about living out some bizaar, aberrant religion that ends up in the death of your children.”
“Well hopefully these parents will be removed from these children because these children are vulnerable. I read a comment by the “pastor” of their church that has managed to brainwash in this kind of stuff, that “If another one of their children get sick, they won’t take that child to the doctor either.” If ever there was a situation where these parents need to be removed permanently from their children, it is this one.”
One of the reasons why people mock Christianity is because they have to cope with these horrendous misrepresentations of Christianity. The whole faith-healing movement is a scam that divests the poorest (the people with the least resources and [with] the most desperation) of their money, at the behest of a healer or a church healer like this guy — they become rish, they become prosperous on the backs of desperate people who seek something that they cannot deliver. Look, miraculous healings do not happen at the hands of these supposed healers and by these mechanisms. It’s a scam, and it preys on the least of these. It preys on the most desperate people. This is not Christianity. You know, people don’t counterfeit brown-paper and sticks. They counterfeit the true. And there is a true Gospel and a true Christianity and what it offers is salvation from sin and eternal life — not some supposed healing in the body.”


What you’re hearing about in this video is not a religious rights issue but one of false theology coupled with medical neglect. Unfortunately, there are some in this country that reject modern medicine and proper medical care guided by a false doctrine. For most people their definition of “religion” does not include a distinction from “true” religion versus “false,” which can often be a complex issue to handle in terms of analysis from biomedical ethics and philosophy. One must employ Theology in order to rightly divide the aspects of this issue and so Dr. John MacArthur was brought on board. He explains that parents have in the U.S. ‘freedom of religion’ and the authority to raise their children but at the same time are compelled morally by conscience to do what is right for their children.

Whenever freedom of parental authority conflicts with the objective moral right, doing what is right should always prevail. When parents choose to do what is not in the best interest of their child it is neglect, and they do not live up to their role as parents. False religion introduces confusion to parenting — in this case it injected neglect. “20,000 children each year die from this type of medical neglect.” Theologically, there is nothing wrong with Antibiotics. The New Testament in the same passages that allow us freedom to now consume foods once condemned by the Old Testament in Leviticus gives us freedom to use antibiotics. Theologically there’s nothing in the Bible that restricts the administration of pharmaceuticals as a medicinal treatment. Where do people get the idea that it’s wrong? False doctrine in a false theology.

My Thoughts: I think that the best idea is not to condemn parents that make choices such as these but to actually staff Medical Chaplains that are highly trained in Theology and Ethics to be able to provide right theological guidance to parents in decision-making over the health of their children. These can also help to identify signs of medical neglect and, just as with a suicide case, determine the proper course of action when patients make decisions that could negatively affect the health of their child.

Thank you for reading.