Factors that contract Arteriole Smooth Muscle Cells (SMC’s) by affecting their tonicity (increased tone — more constricted). When constricted all 5 of these factors will increase or provoke (voccatiives) diastolic blood pressure (DBP) by increasing the volume of blood in the aorta during diastole.

VOCCATIIVES — Factors that Provoke PVR Arteriole Vasoconstriction

– Catecholamines, Calcium
– ATII = AngioTensin II
Sodium (Total Body Sodium) (including Mineralocorticoids)

The first two letters of VOCCATIIVES tell you what it does (vasoconstrict peripheral vascular resistance arterioles). The remaining letters tell you which factors control it.

Constricting Peripheral Vascular Resistance (PVR) Arterioles increase Diastolic Blood Pressure (also increased by increasing blood viscosity and increasing heart rate).

These 5 factors are important to understand pharmacology. They are also important to understand in the pathophysiology of Secondary Hypertension (which can be caused by many conditions in many organ systems) and Essential Hypertension (the risk factors for which are another acronym I made to go along with it, ScHOLARS: Stress, (c), High salt intake, Obesity, Low physical activity, Age, Race, Smoking)

This acronym was made from Pg. 236 of Rapid Review Pathology, 4/e, by Edward J. Goljan

— Isaac M. Dodd, Howard University College of Medicine, MS-2