A theologian’s thought on emotion and the nature of man

// December 27th, 2013 // Uncategorized

Cornelius Van Til

Here’s an interesting quote from a theologian. This quote from Van Til reminds us that lost behavior springs forth from a lost nature, and likewise those actions that accompany salvation (that are fruits of the indwelling Holy Spirit) come from a new inward redeemed nature. It is not so much the intellect that produces these things as it is the nature of the creature.

“It is sometimes argued that unless one asserts the primacy of the intellect one may justly follow any or every sort of emotion. But this would be true only in the non-Christian concept of the nature of man. Only in the non-Christian concept of man are the emotions inherently unruly …. But, when sin has entered into the mind of man, the intellect is as unruly as are the affections. The whole man refuses to subject itself to the rule of God. When a saved sinner learns to control his passions, the reason is not primarily that he has understood the meaning of the primacy of the intellect as a psychological truth, but the primary reason is that in the whole of his being he is born of God.” —Cornelius Van Til