About Isaac

Isaac DoddIsaac M. Dodd

DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) Area

Fields: Medical Science, IT

Previous Roles: Freelance IT Contractor, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Medical Device Developer, Clinical Software Developer, Technical Director, Assistant Writing Director, IT Consultant, & roles in Retail & Sales

Abbreviated List of Technical Skills: Software Development, Software Design, User Experience Design, Computer Programming, Internet Programming, Graphic Design, Project Management, Clinical Software Development, Writing, Editing, Copy Editing

Formal Education:

Professional Level – Howard University College of Medicine (Present); Washington, DC
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
Graduate Level
– USF Health Morsani COM Graduate School, Medical Science Pre-Professional Program (MSP3); Tampa, FL
Master of Science (M.S.), Medical Science
Undergraduate Level – University of South Florida, College of Arts & Sciences; Tampa, FL
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Biomedical Science
Other – First Responder, Certified Nursing Assistant, Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies Certification, Evangelism Training, Sales Experience, Retail Experience

Research Interests: Presently, the application of computer software and medical devices to the treatment of low back pain

Clientele Feedback

From a Management Role

I’ve had the opportunity to hire and supervise the work of several contractors. Listed here is actual feedback from contractors & freelance professionals that I’ve worked with on a few projects, unedited.

“Excellent communication and very fair. And a very, very polite client, “rara avis” between our employers. Thank you”

“Excellent client. Had a excellent experience with him. Always ready for him !”

“Excellent client to work with, perhaps THE most organized I’ve ever seen. The client has thorough communication and direction. Very prompt payment too. I would highly recommend to others. Thank you Sir I definitely had fun doing the project. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“Isaac is easy to work with, responds promptly to questions, and gives clear instructions. Fast payment and open communication. I would work with him again and recommend him to the Elance community.”

“Thanks for an excellent feedback. It was a complete pleasure working with you. Clarity of thought and good communication is what makes any project a success on elance. We are glad you love your new logo ! Looking forward to working with you again !”

“Isaac is a great employer to work for. He is patient, admires great work and communicates the project requirements very well. Highly recommended.”

“This was an interesting and fun project. Issac was quick with his feedback and suggestions- which was helpful. Great client”

“Isaac provided very clear instructions and responded quickly to clarifications/inquiries. Highly recommended as a client.”

“Isaac was a pleasure to work with. Always available to solve doubts, providing clear directions and instructions. I would work with him again at any time. Thank you Isaac !”

About Me

I may be young, but I have over 10 years of experience in IT and items in my CV that provide me unique insights into areas of my field that make my skills unique.

My Favorite Color:

Well, that depends on where that color appears. My favorite colors to wear are brown and forest greens. However, my favorite color to incorporate into designs are steelblue and lightsteelblue with bright colors to accent. I also love to experiment with different tones.

My Favorite Books:

I love to read anything that influences the way I think or upregulates my motivation and drive. At the moment, such books include The Mind of Christ, by T. W. Hunt; Disciplines of a Godly Man, by R. Kent Hughes; and books that I’m still reading such as: The Disciplined Life, by Richard S. Foster; Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China, by Janet & Geoff Benge; and Medicine & Healthcare in Early Christianity, by Gary B. Ferngren. My favorite genre to write within is Science Fiction Fantasy. As a writer this genre presents me with a slate that is blank enough to write just about anything but a framework within the mind of my reader that is concrete enough to make them believe it could be real.

My Favorite Movies:

I tend to enjoy movies that tell stories that shake my perceptions of reality. Some favored classics include “The Fountain,” the “Matrix” trilogy by the Wachowski brothers, and Christopher Nolen’s “Inception.” I tend to prefer movies that are conceptually unique, such as “Cube” where the entire movie takes place inside of a building-sized geometric puzzle with sliding doors, and its inhabitants have to compute prime numbers mathematically in order to figure out how to get out of the cube. What’s interesting is that the producer or writer of the movie decided it wasn’t important to explain why the characters are in the cube and gives little reasoning, and the character have to figure everything out for themselves. However, a good movie doesn’t have to have great CG or a large budget to make me proud of it. M Night Shyamalan’s “Lady in the Water” was a grand idea for a movie. He set several normal people up and added a character with an element of fantasy to unlock a less concrete role within the other characters. The character design was actually the best part of the movie, though many people I know probably would not have enjoyed it.


You’ve checked out my “About Me” profile.  For a moment let’s examine your motivation for doing so. You might have chosen to view this particular page because perhaps you’ve stumbled upon this site from a popular search engine that indexed its content and you wanted to find out a little bit more about me.

As the creator and subject of IsaacDodd.com, I chose to fill in this page with information about myself that I thought was useful for people motivated to discover more about me.

You know, that’s a lot like life. In life we see a world that Someone has created. We see beautiful plants, interesting animals, powerful mountains, and other natural wonders that fill us with awe. A single lifetime isn’t enough to study and examine the complexities (and aesthetic beauties) of the world around us. The splendor of our world even from the most strictly scientific and objective view is absolutely astounding.

But, if we wanted to know more about the Creator of our world, where is the “About Me” profile that we should seek out? Would you believe that God’s actually provided such a document for us to review? It’s called the written “Word of God,” or in our vernacular, the “Holy Bible,” or just “bible.”

In it and on its pages we will find all of the information that God has carefully selected for us to know all about the Creator of the wondrous world surrounding us. If there’s anything we ever wanted to know, it is right there. In it we have a special “revelation” of who God is, what He has done, and His important message to us. In it we also discover God’s Anthropology – a short history of God’s dealing with man. I would adjourn anyone reading this to give the written account. The bible comes in 2 volumes: old covenant (or testament) and new covenant (or testament). The old had over 40 writers who wrote over a period of 1500 years. The new had many writers who wrote over a single lifetime, within just a few decades of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (the Bible’s most important subject). Though there were many “writers” there was only one “Author” – God. The Bible itself states that the writers of the bible wrote as they were ‘moved’ or directed by the Holy Spirit of God. This means that God was directly involved with superintending its contents – what book in existence has that as its central feature?

How do we know this is true? Well, if I wanted to authenticate something that I’ve written as mine, I would leave a signature. God also authenticated the contents of the Bible as his, and He has done it through several means. One of them is that modern archaeology has never found any of the bible’s historical facts to be in contradiction with historiography or what we can discover from antiquity. Everything we know from history is just as the bible describes historically. Another is prophecy. The bible talks about history sometimes several hundred to thousands of years before it happens and has been right on several hundred occasions, with many prophecies still to be fulfilled (in our day or later). The Bible records history *before* it happens, and has a 100% accuracy rate in this area. It is authentic in that it’s always right.

The most central thing to know about me is that my entire life reinforces this one message: Jesus died to remove the stain of sin on behalf of everyone who will believe in Him and put their trust in Him. Please check out the following resources for a more thorough presentation of the Gospel message and how you can know this Creator the bible speaks of:

  1. NeedGod.com

Still have questions about God and the Bible? Please, check out these resources for a more thorough explanation of these important matters:

  1. Carm.org — Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
  2. GotQuestions.org
  3. Answers in Genesis
  4. Biblecia

If the Bible is right about history, then can it be right about its most important, central message to us – the Gospel? You bet. There’s coming a day in which God will judge everyone in the world. Every person will have to appear before God and give an account of what they have done personally. My question for you is this – Will you be ready?

  Isaac Dodd