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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

// September 2nd, 2012 // 1 Comment » // Apologetics, Interesting Videos, Popular Issues

Here’s one of my favorite movies. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, by Ben Stein, is pure genius. Mr. Stein interviews several prominent scientists and authorities on each side of the Intelligent Design and Creationism versus Darwinian Evolution debate. I stumbled upon the full movie on YouTube. I’m not sure why the full movie is there, or why it’s allowed by YouTube, who is very strict on copyright infringement always, so I’m assuming somehow it is legitimate. (Maybe because it has foreign subtitles?) I figure if it wasn’t, the production company or publishers would have had it taken down a long time ago. So, enjoy! From the comments: “What amazes me is how these intelligent design folks are so educated. Dembski has two doctorates in philosophy and mathematics from University of Chicago and University of Illinois. John Wells has double doctorates in religion and biology from Yale and Berkeley. Stephen Myer has a doctorate from Cambridge University in the philosophy of science. Michael Behe has a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. I mean, their ideas may be loony, but how did they get this education?” My answer:  It’s because their ideas are true and scientifically accurate. Intelligent Design and, namely, CREATIONISM, should be valid and community-wide accepted viewpoints and origins of scientific ideas.

Finger Dislocation – Video

// January 21st, 2012 // No Comments » // Interesting Videos

You have to see how ugly this dislocated finger looks and how easy it looks to get it put back into place. Man…

Expositional vs. Entertaining Preaching

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There’s a huge difference between expositional preaching and just entertaining preaching. It’s okay to use an illustration from one’s life every now and then in a sermon. A preacher or pastor is supposed to be an example to the flock. But, it’s the Word that sanctifies (John 17:17), and the most effective sermons are those that reveal Biblical truth to the people.

Take Home Message: 40 years from now what kind of sermon illustrations are you going to remember — the faithfulness of Moses being applied to how faithful we should be and the holiness of God OR that one time you and your wife went shopping down at Costcos and bumped over a shelf of cans? Clearly, 40 years from now what will minister best to the congregation most is clearly taught expositional Bible teaching as their foundation. Wouldn’t you agree?

Entertainment vs. Exposition – John MacArthur