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5 Interesting compositions to listen to while studying (many you may not have come across)

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I listen to very strange music sometimes. I have an old as dirt playlist called “Classical Music to Listen to While Studying.” I created it yeeaarrs ago. There were some interesting finds in this playlist that I’d like to share. These songs and pieces are very interesting compositions or arrangements. I put this list together here on over a period of a few weeks, just pasting interesting pieces here and there as time permitted while studying, of songs I found were interesting.




1. Dale Kavanagh’s Tales of Greiffenberg, The Forest, Wind Dance 

This is a 57-minute concert by Dale Kavanagh but Wind Dance is at the following times:  14:18 – 17:14. This is one of the most well-composed short compositions I’ve heard from the classical guitar. It’s too bad I haven’t found it anywhere else on the internet other than in this concert. Maybe she never recorded it for an album distribution. As I understand it so far from research, Dale Kavanagh is a very gifted interpreter who has a very great knowledge and command of the pieces she plays.

Joaquin Rodrigo’s Invocation et Danse
Here’s another piece that she plays in the same concert in the video above, Invocation et Danse, at times 18:18 – 25:38, played by Dale Kavanagh in a video by itself.

Heitor Villa-Lobos’s Guitar Concerto, 2nd Movement

In the 57-minute concert Dale Kavanagh decides on this piece to play after playing some of Lobos’s Etudes. The version above was an orchestral version of that. It’s beautiful when accompanied by an orchestra.

2. Leo Brouwer’s Etudes

Leo Brouwer’s Etude 6

Leo Brouwer’s Etude 11

These pieces are short and beautiful, a study on guitar by Leo Brouwer. They are very interesting to listen to. There’s an entire playlist by this guitarist on YouTube of these etudes, 1 through 12. Here are the most interesting ones.


3. Dale Kavanagh’s “Contemplation – A la Fueco”

This is a rendition of Dale Kavanagh’s piece, played by someone else (very nicely played). The full rendition can be seen played by Dale Kavanagh herself here:


4.Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Rio”

Ryuichi Sakamoto is the composer behind an interesting award-winning movie from the 80’s, The Last Emperor. He’s also a bridge between Western and Eastern Classical music, a genre called Neogeo.


5. Leonard Bernstein’s “Maria” from the classic movie, West Side Story

Beautiful Composition with a particularly unique arrangement from a classical guitarist I’m not familiar with. Leonard Bernstein is a marvelous composer. It’s misfortunate that he had an all-roads philosophy of life so I can’t recommend his life as a composer.

Unqualified Ministers

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The only thing that qualifies someone to lead someone else to Christ, and do the task of evangelism, is salvation! Even lost people can give someone else the Gospel and see someone else get saved, however, because the saving-power isn’t inveterate to the Believer but the Gospel message itself. Salvation is an act of God. It’s not incumbent upon any evangelist to save anyone — salvation is solely determined and brought about by the prerogative of God alone. (It’s the Shepherd that finds the sheep, the sheep are lost.)

However, if someone wants to run a ministry, they need more qualifications than just salvation alone. The New Testament speaks of someone who’s qualified to be a leader of ministry as having a specific character and disposition, a certain lifestyle, and a certain reputation. (See 1 Timothy 3:2-13.)

In this video, Judge Judy of the People’s Court televsion show confronts three evangelists that appear to be unqualified for their ministry. Let’s never let what is shown in this video happen to the people of God. Let’s make ourselves ready and qualified for our ministry. “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” 2 Tim 2:15

I must say, this needs to happen to a lot of the false, corrupt televangelists on corrupt TV networks who have no other qualification beyond the number of massive stadiums of people they’re deceiving and extorting. Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Mike Murdock, Juanita Bynum, just to name a few known heretics… Having a poor bible education or an incorrigable seminary that teaches unorthodox or heterodox doctrine, or no seminary training at all — and yet still trying to be a teacher and head a ministry — is detrimental to the faiths of true believers and discourages or turns away would-be-believers (though God is sovereign to bring about the salvation of would-be-believers regardless of corrupt or poor teaching).

One could argue for these corrupt teachers that it’s the message alone that edifies believers. This is true. However, they don’t have the right message. Of course, there are very sound ministers and bible teachers of God that don’t have formal training. Ray Comfort of Living Waters ministries is such a sound teacher. So is Mark Kielar of Cross TV, though he had sound training as a former Calvary Chapel pastor. Ray Comfort’s qualification is that personal study of the Bible and Christian theologians and writers within his ministerial duties has led him to such a sound message as he has. It is also the case with Mark Kielar, who has a long list of sound Christian authors and pastors throughout the ages that have left abundant reading material that Mr. Kielar has studied. They have qualified themselves in that they have probably studied what they would have studied in seminary. They are also certainly ministers that have been ordained to their ministry by their affiliated denominations who recognized this feature as well as all the other biblical qualifications for being a minister in their lifestyles.

The afore mentioned false teachers have not shown forth the evidence that they have studied such material. Even if they have, their present message shows that sound doctrine went unheaded.

Interesting thoughts, eh? 🙂 -ID

Increased Pressure = Increased Benefits

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This image most appropriately summarizes how I’ve been feeling lately in school (though I’m no dad). But, though this program I’m in can be tough at times, I’m extremely thankful! It’s a great priviledge to do what the Lord has me doing with school, and it’s working for me a far greater good — both here and into eternity. 🙂 And I love what I’ve been learning.

This program is like being at the gym — It’s tough and sweaty training, but there are so many rewards ahead that the permanent benefits definitely outweigh the transient pains. I love it.

Expositional vs. Entertaining Preaching

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There’s a huge difference between expositional preaching and just entertaining preaching. It’s okay to use an illustration from one’s life every now and then in a sermon. A preacher or pastor is supposed to be an example to the flock. But, it’s the Word that sanctifies (John 17:17), and the most effective sermons are those that reveal Biblical truth to the people.

Take Home Message: 40 years from now what kind of sermon illustrations are you going to remember — the faithfulness of Moses being applied to how faithful we should be and the holiness of God OR that one time you and your wife went shopping down at Costcos and bumped over a shelf of cans? Clearly, 40 years from now what will minister best to the congregation most is clearly taught expositional Bible teaching as their foundation. Wouldn’t you agree?

Entertainment vs. Exposition – John MacArthur