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Could this be a cure for Malaria?

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The U.S. military and the medical community have just announced that they’re sitting on a potential cure to Malaria. 3.3 billion people live in areas where they are at a risk of getting Malaria. There were 219 million cases in 2010 (about 660,000 people around the world lost their lives to Malaria). So, this is a huge dent into the mortality rate of Malaria to have a 100% cure. For one year as an undergraduate I did undergraduate research in a lab working for MMV (Medical Malaria Ventures) where we did extractions on thousands of specimens to send them off to a microbiological lab for Kirby-Bauer Drug Testing to find potential hits. It was exciting to think that one of them could be a potential cure, in my hands. Brute-force drug discovery is very hard, but needed. I’m glad they found a cure That’s very good. But what are they going to do about the world’s leading cause of death — abortion?

This is what CNN has to say about the Malaria Vaccine:


Community Health Centers Under Pressure To Improve Care

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The 1,200 are under pressure to conform to different regulations. On one side this would improve the quality of care for patients since better immunization and preventative care have life-sparing benefits to patients in the long-run. On the other hand, would more obstacles to jump over and more regulating conditions to meet also put a strain on these centers to meet these obligations and possibly decrease access to care?