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I’m Isaac M. E. Dodd, MD, a physician in training. I’m a graduate of Howard University College of Medicine trained in clinical practice: advanced diagnostics and therapeutics, patient management, and acute and chronic care.

I’m receiving additional training in skills for clinical research (epidemiology, biostatistics, and clinical trials) from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I’m considered a warm, kind, respectful, hard-working, and highly trained professional who is always eager to give patients the best care.

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Personal Information

Isaac M. E. Dodd
MD Graduate, MPH Candidate
Baltimore, MD

Additional Skills

Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Data Analysis, Interpretation, Stata/R
Research Study Skills
Software Engineering


Formal Education & Training


Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (JHSPH)

Degree: Master of Public Health (MPH) Candidate

Current candidate in the MPH program at JHSPH. Customized the program to focus on Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Clinical Trials.


Howard University College of Medicine (HUCM)

Degree: Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Joined the legacy of physicians who trained at Howard University College of Medicine (HUCM), which was established in 1868.


USF Morsani College of Medicine Graduate School

Degree: Master of Science, Medical Sciences

Received high-level training in medical sciences at the graduate school of USF Morsani College of Medicine.


Medical Practice Internship

Roles: Intern, Researcher, Senior Clinical Software Engineer/Medical Device Developer

This private practice internship with Orthopedic Injury Manavement, Inc. (OIM), provided experience in clinical software development, medical device development, and research associated with new advances in physical medicine and spinal motion.


University of South Florida (USF)

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BS), Biomedical Sciences

A bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences involves a comprehensive overview of the basic sciences that underpin the medical sciences.



Medical Training
Research Training
Residency Training


English native/fluent
French basic
German fair

Other Interests

  • Conferences/Lectures
  • Health & Fitness
  • Public Health
  • Outdoors
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Reading/Writing
  • Community Service
  • Technology

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