5 Interesting compositions to listen to while studying (many you may not have come across)

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I listen to very strange music sometimes. I have an old as dirt playlist called “Classical Music to Listen to While Studying.” I created it yeeaarrs ago. There were some interesting finds in this playlist that I’d like to share. These songs and pieces are very interesting compositions or arrangements. I put this list together…

SIRT4 a potential new important cancer drug target

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Marcia Haigis, HMS associate professor of cell biology, led a team that has uncovered SIRT4 as an important player in the DNA damage response pathway.

 Here’s an article I haphazardly discovered today on an important sirtuin protein called SIRT4. Harvardianites have discovered that when SIRT4 is absent from mice, the cell cycle doesn’t function to arrest cell division and keep the cell from becoming malignant/cancerous. SIRT4 acts as a physiological weigh-station to prevent the cell from proceeding when there’s a…

Welcome to the New Internet – June 6th, 2012

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Vint Cerf Founding Father of the Internet Compared with

Today the internet switches to IPv6. We’ve all been using IPv4 without knowing it, understanding it, or fully comprehending it. The Internet has always been endangered of running out of space for everyone since 1973. Now, we have a new system launching that will exhaust at about 340 trillion trillion trillions rather than just 4.3 billion…

Sleep Deprived

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A certain report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Interview Survey lists Computer Programmer as the eighth-most-sleep-deprived occupation. Computer Programmer is actually the 7th most When I was working as an in-house Computer Programer full-time, I’d often come to work sleep deprived. There was a time when I had to tackle a very frustrating…