SIRT4 a potential new important cancer drug target

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Marcia Haigis, HMS associate professor of cell biology, led a team that has uncovered SIRT4 as an important player in the DNA damage response pathway.

 Here’s an article I haphazardly discovered today on an important sirtuin protein called SIRT4. Harvardianites have discovered that when SIRT4 is absent from mice, the cell cycle doesn’t function to arrest cell division and keep the cell from becoming malignant/cancerous. SIRT4 acts as a physiological weigh-station to prevent the cell from proceeding when there’s a…

Golgi Tendon

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I was looking around YouTube for a demonstration of muscle contractions for something that we’re studying in school and stumbled upon something interesting that we didn’t cover: The Golgi Tendon. Its job is to protect certain muscle tendons from an overexertion or greater force than can be tolerated by the muscle. If I’m living weights…